Trust Calco Metal Works to Customize Your Metal Project

Whether you want a residential BBQ pit or a commercial tool box, you need quality fabricators to handle your metal project. Fortunately, those experts can be found at Calco Metal Works in Lubbock, Texas. For years, we've been the go-to metal shop capable of creating a variety of projects such as welding and other metal crafts for both residential and commercial clients.

When you want peace of mind knowing your metal project is sturdy and built to last, work with Calco Metal Work in Lubbock.

Custom Built BBQ pits

Custom built hand rails for walkways

Custom Built Cages

Concrete submergable Weld plates - all dimension and styles

Custom Gates

Custom Metal Cut outs - no design to difficult

Custom Metal Cut-out with LEDs

Custom Built Fire Pit Rings in all dimension and sizes